CrunchDeals: iPhone Owners Can Get a Refund


So the iPhone is now $399. That’s awesome, as that’s the perfect pricepoint for the device. But you feel foolish. You just bought an iPhone! Well fret not, early adopter, as many of you will be getting a refund.

Not all of you, sadly, are eligible. But if you bought your iPhone in the last 14 days, you can take it back for a price protection. If you paid $599 for your 8GB version at the AT&T store, you can take it back and get a $200 refund. They call it a return and resale, and they have to let you do it by their own policy. And don’t let them charge you the 10% restocking fee, as you’re taking your same phone with you.

If you’ve got a 4GB model in the last 14 days, you can take it back as well and exchange it for an 8GB model, as well as get a $100 refund less the $49 restocking fee. You’re basically doubling your storage and getting $50 to do so.

And be aggressive: the in-store folk are trained to maximize every dollar, so be assertive and tell them that it’s their policy that allows this.

And if you bought your iPhone more than 14 days ago, well, sucks to be you. We did tell you to wait, afterall.

Thanks, CB!