Verizon Wireless Offers New $30 Senior Citizen Plan


Up until now, if you needed a basic Verizon Wireless plan, you’d still have to shell out $40 per month for 450 minutes, 400 of which you may never use. Starting today, you’ll be able to get 200 anytime minutes and 500 weekend minutes for $30. Oh, one catch. You have to be at least 65 years old and Verizon actually does verify your age. 

I, myself, am not a fan of taking and/or making calls all day, preferring e-mail instead. As such, I have a $30 Sprint plan that includes 200 anytime minutes (I’ve never gone over) and unlimited evening and weekend minutes. If I were a Verizon customer, I’d have to wait a little over 36 years to get a similar plan.

This is weak. T-Mobile offers a $30 plan with 300 anytime minutes, Sprint’s has 200 anytime minutes, AT&T doesn’t offer one, and Verizon’s version is only available to old people. Either offer a $30 plan or don’t. AT&T’s plans don’t surprise me one bit but I expect better from “the wireless company with the highest customer loyalty.”

I’d hope to see this plan opened to everyone in the near future or at least have the age verification part of it become nothing more than a simple, “You’re 65, right? Okay.” 

Verizon Wireless Introduces America?s Choice 65 Plus Calling Plans [Press Release] via Phone Scoop