Sony To Open Movie Download Service


The latter part of August saw Sony axing Connect, to no one’s surprise, and the introduction of the video Walkman, which Sony is hoping will resurrect their abysmal PMP division. Apparently they haven’t learned their lesson from Connect and now they’re looking to launch a movie download service. Sony spokesman Shigenori Yoshida had this to say.

Music and video downloading has been available through networks, and we are looking into the area as a possible business

Umm. I’d focus on making the PS3 everything we all imagine it to be. If this whole thing is going to succeed it’s going to start and finish with the PS3. But that’s a huge investment consumers will have to make and it won’t be as much fun if they don’t own one. I know what you’re trying to do Sony and in theory it’s brilliant, but are people willing to purchase a PS3 to get movies onto their PSP or Walkman? There’s no use trying to compete with Apple and iTunes although that seems to be on a downward spiral as well. Good luck, Sony. You’re going to need it.

Sony may start movie download service [AP]