New iPod Tomorrow, September 5: What Else Happened That Day?


Everyone expects Apple to release some sort of iPod tomorrow—be it that fat nano or what’s commonly referred to as “an iPhone without the phone part.” Since September 5 will (maybe) live forever in Apple fanboi history, it got me thinking: what else happened on that particular date in history?


• 1638 Louis XIV born. As powerful as the Sun King was, he still had to deal with DRM on his MP3s.

• 1774 The first Continental Congress met in Philly. It’s a precursor to modern day Apple press conferences, complete with “one more thing” moment.

• 1944 Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg formed Benelux, a trading bloc of sorts. It has nothing to do with Apple or the iPod.

• 1975 Some crazy chick tried to assassinate President Ford. Serving life in prison, she’ll never know how awesome it is to slide to unlock an iPhone, or use cover flow on the new iPod.

(Truth be told, a lot of terrible things happened on this day, like the My Lai massacre, a bunch of plane crashes, etc. It’s sorta hard to parody tragedies.)

Anyway, here’s looking forward to new iPods—maybe!

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