MyStrands Launches Music Video Discovery Service,

MyStrands, provider of a music recommendation service, has launched a slick new website at for finding music videos hosted on YouTube.

Users can browse music videos by artist or genre and play them in a large player. The system also recommends videos based on your viewing habits and input.

A social network of sorts is integrated into the service. You can view friends’ favorite videos and artists and set up your own personalized channels. There is also a stumbling feature in which you can view another video based on the artist of the video you are currently watching.

Similar music video discovery services include Middio, MOG, and iLike. Of course, you can always just browse music videos on YouTube itself, many of them legal.

It certainly makes sense to build services that exploit the music videos hosted on YouTube, as the majority of the top 10 videos on YouTube are music-related.

MyStrands recently raised $25 million in Series B funding.