Another Tool To Map Website Visitors

Good things come in pairs, I guess. Yesterday I wrote about FeedJit’s new visitor mapping widget. Today,, a real time traffic widget that we covered back in March, released a Flash based map widget that also shows the physical location of website visitors. See it at

There are many other tools that do exactly this, but the maps widget is paired with the basic traffic widget that shows the number of visitors on a site at any given time, and it also updates without page refreshes (Feedjit does not). We included the original widget on TechCrunch until it started to slow the site down, then ditched it fast. For smaller sites, though, its fun to know how many visitors you have at any given time, and where they are located. first launched on the TechCrunch forums. They say they’ve now served 2.5 billion widget views in the last six months. The company has gone from being a one-man shop to four employees since then – they need a revenue model to support that headcount soon.