Multi-Day Paypal Subscription Outage

PayPal users are reporting the widespread failure of the PayPal subscription service.

According to user reports, the subscription service stopped working August 30 and remains down. PayPal subscription payments are used widely by service providers that require monthly payments, such as web hosts, membership based services, and others.

In a post to the PayPal Development blog September 1, PayPal advised that the issue would be fixed by September 5 or 6, and that all outstanding subscription payments would be collected.

Not surprisingly, PayPal merchants are less than happy with the delay in repairing the system, suggesting that PayPal may be too busy holidaying over the US Labor Day long weekend to care for their customers. Given the size of Paypal and the relative popularity of subscription payments, payments being delayed could easily total tens of millions of dollars.

If you’re a PayPal merchant who has been affected by the outage or has more details, let us know in the comments.

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