Syntax To Unveil Budget 65-Inch, LCoS 1080p HDTV


Let me start by saying that I’m the proud owner for a 37-inch Olevia LCD HDTV. I love the thing. I got it brand new at Fry’s for under $600, including tax. That’s a fantastic deal, especially since the TV itself is kickass. But now I’m thinking upgrade, as Syntax is unveiling a 65-inch LCoS TV next week, and it promises to kickass as well.

LCoS is a cousin to both DLP and LCD, using the mirror theory behind DLP but with standard liquid crystals, on silicon (not silicone). It makes for a bright, clear picture, and is relatively cheap to manufacture. That means this 65-inch, 1080P HDTV will retail for under two-large, a great deal.

We’re looking forward to seeing this unit in doorbuster specials on Black Friday, so keep us on your screen between now and then to see how low it goes.

Press Release [via Slippery Brick]