iPhone Unlocking Totally Legal, We Think

Would you trust him to unlock your iPhone?

Fact: it is legal to unlock your iPhone. Sorta.

The AP—you may have heard of it—decided to see just how legal it is for Joe User to unlock his iPhone. As it turns out, so long as you’re unlocking the iPhone and there’s no money involved (unlike other organizations that wanted to charge a fee for the service), it seems you’re in the clear. It’s when an individual or individuals decide to make money that AT&T may be able to sue you into the stone age.

Basically, Craig from Degrassi inspired the AP to investigate the whole deal. An act from the Library of Congress last year should mean that Craig and those like him are safe and sound. No doubt everyone on Slashdot would agree.

IPhone Hackers Could Face Legal Battle [AP/Yahoo via AppleInsider]