The Apple TV You're Having When You Don't Own An Apple TV

notappletv.jpgNot Apple TV has a fairly simple goal: to recreate the Apple TV experience for users who don’t own an Apple TV, via the web browser.

The flash based interface feels exactly like the Apple TV interface, with a few changes. Features such as a “History” and a “Favorites” have been included, along with a wider variety of online video choices; services available via the Not Apple TV interface include YouTube, Google Video, Pornotube and others. Just like Apple TV, the site is unable to interact or record live TV.

Aside from the obvious novelty value, Not Apple TV actually provides a reasonable interface from which to video popular user generated video sites. It’s a clever site, if perhaps not an earth shattering one.

Site designer Paul Yanez has also created web versions of Joost and Babelgum (here and here) that access the same video sites.