Roxio Releases Popcorn 3 For OS X

Hungry for an MPAA lawsuit? Why not grab some Popcorn and download a copy of The Bourne Ultimatum or Superbad? By Popcorn, I mean the latest version of Roxio’s powerful DVD-burning software for the Mac. Popcorn 3 allows you to convert and burn video to multiple formats such as Xbox 360, iPhone, iPod, and more. You can also do batch DVD-video conversions on the fly and can even set it up to automatically convert your TiVoToGo shows to a burnable format.

One of the coolest features of Popcorn 3, though, has got to be the ability to pause and resume burning or video conversion. No longer will you have to wait for a DVD to finish up before you’re able to hop on World of Warcraft. Just pause and get into the game. You can score the ‘corn in Universal Binary for just $50. A worthy investment for any pirate worthy of the name.

Popcorn 3 expands DVD options, more [MacNN]