Sprint Sucks And Their New Website Is Stupid

Sprint has a new website up called My Cell Style that asks you a few questions and then tells you what kind of mobile phone personality you have. I took the quiz and answered the questions honestly.

What does your cell phone say about you? According to a new website launched this week, if you’re sporting a Moto Q, you may be, uh-oh!, a
“Technosexual.” But don’t come out of the gadget-geek closet just yet, maybe your phone is designed for a rugged and in-no-way-sexually-ambiguous “Trail Blazer.” Whichever way your cell phone swings, check out www.mycellstyle.com to test your phone’s personality (sponsored by Sprint).

I am not offended that Sprint says I am a Technosexual (just like the guy in the video above). No. But I AM offended that they say the perfect phones for me are the Treo 755p, the HTC Mogul and the…wait for it…Motorola Q, which is quite possibly the worst cell phone ever created. Sprint then tried to sell me one of those ghastly phones. I guess I should just be thankful I wasn’t deemed “Runway Ready.”

Sprint doesn’t sell the iPhone, of course, so they couldn’t be honest and recommend the perfect phone for me. And they also don’t sell the phone I’d be using if the iPhone didn’t exist, the Helio Ocean.

I’m not a fan of Sprint. They fire customers who complain too much. And they have the dubious distinction of supplying me with the only phone I have ever thrown out of a moving vehicle (in 1999) because of poor call quality. Even today, it is the only mobile operator which has no coverage at my house.

In the interest of full disclosure, I participate in the Sprint Ambassador program where they send me a new phone once or twice a year to test out. I’ve never written about those phones, though. My guess is they won’t be sending too many more.