Logitech Introduces ClearChat USB Headsets

The ClearChat Pro has volume control built-in to the earpiece

Whether you use Ventrilo for talking to guild members in World of Warcraft or Skype for calling family overseas, one thing is certain: you’ll need a good headset. Today Logitech has launched two new headsets that are both OS X and Windows compatible. The ClearChat Pro and ClearChat Comfort are supposed to sound better than the rest of the competition through use of “laser-tuned drivers” and padded earcups. Sure.

The difference between the two (aside from price) is that the Pro model comes with an equalizer switch so you can go from your music setting to a gaming setting and back with ease, as well as a volume adjustment switch on the earpiece itself. You can nab the ClearChat Comfort for $40 and the Pro for $50 wherever electronics are sold.

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