Boing Boing Launches Gadget Blog with Joel J at the Helm

boingboing-logo-gadgets.gifBecause there aren’t enough of these gadget blogs on the Internet, today finds the wonderful crew at Boing Boing launching their own blog specifically for and about gadgets. While some of our colleagues might be a little shaken by the idea of more competition, especially this high-profile, we are actually thrilled at the idea of a gadget blog with the Boing Boing mindset. Thrilled!

Not only that, but Mark and crew tapped former Giz editor and all around blogstar Joel Johnson to run the thing, and we think they’re a very good match indeed. I asked Joel if he had anything he’d like to say regarding the launch to you, the CrunchGear readers, and he had this for you:

If CrunchGear readers aren’t getting enough gadgets and dick jokes, then they’re probably a bit screwy in the head and I’d prefer they stay away from my site.

Thanks, Joel! And congratulations again, here’s hoping that Boing Boing Gadgets works out well for everyone, and we’re totally going to steal your links. And for our readers: We love you more than they ever could. And our font isn’t New Times, so we win.

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