Wolverine ESP 5250 PMP Packs Big Storage

Wolverine, some company no one has heard of, will be shipping its new ESP 5250 portable media jukebox this week. Designed for the consumer who likes watching movies while on the move, the 5250 packs 250GB of storage and has a multi-format card reader for additional storage. You can throw either 80,000 songs or 500 hours of video (depending on your codecs, etc.) on this bad boy to ensure that any plane ride, whether it be to Australia, Israel, or Japan, is tolerable.

An optional cradle lets you turn the device into a DVR, which is great if you’re looking to take your favorite shows on the go with you. Also included is support for RAW photos, AAC, MP3, WMA, RAW CD audio (CDA), XviD video, MPEG video, and WMV video. And if you don’t pirate music or movies, there’s always a built-in FM radio waiting for you. Look for the Wolverine DSP 5250 in stores for a pricey $650, with the DVR cradle costing an additional $70.

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