The Nikon D3 Designer, Way Up Close And Personal*


The recently announced Nikon D3, I’ve been told, should do a decent job of shaking up the professional camera market in Nikon’s favor when it comes out in November, a topic I’ll address in a separate post a bit later. During the press conference, Nikon revealed that the digital SLR (rangefinder?) was designed by the one and only Giorgetto Giugiaro, a crazy old Italian mainly known for his work on fancy cars like the Lotus Espirit and the Alfa Romeo 159.

My only thought? Do you really want a man with a giant head designing your most important camera ever?

*The preceding post is intended to be humorous. It is in no way a knock on Nikon or Mr. Giugiaro. I just felt that it was vital that I used that picture that I took while at the press conference. You see, when you tire of Italian being translated into Japanese being translated into English, you goof off with your camera. The shot reminds me of what MTV tried to pass off as “cutting edge” or “cool” back in the 80s.

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