New Yahoo! Mail Adds Text Messaging Feature


Before Gmail came along, I used an innovative e-mail service called Oddpost which, back in 2002 when it was released, was one of the coolest applications of JavaScript this side of the Rio Grande. Well Oddpost got purchased by Yahoo! in 2004 and the underlying technology lent itself to what is today Yahoo! Mail.

Last night, Yahoo! unveiled an updated mail interface to include, amongst other features, integrated text messaging (SMS). The new interface and features are now standard for all Yahoo! Mail accounts as well. I played around with it for a little while and thought to myself, “Neat.”

Then I went and checked my Gmail account, which is really fast, simple, and intuitive.

Point being, Yahoo! Mail is awesome. Maybe too awesome, though. It’s very busy (ads everywhere) and there are a lot of features that I think will be a hit with younger generations who want the integrated text messaging and instant messaging or for people who are looking for their e-mail to do more than just e-mail. In my opinion, though, if you want rock-solid, fast, dependable e-mail for e-mail’s sake, Gmail is still the reigning champ.

Introducing the all-new Yahoo! Mail [Yodel Anecdotal] via TechCrunch