War and Peace or iPhone Bill

toiletpaper.jpgProdigious iPhone users have been receiving itemized bills from AT&T that can number hundreds of pages long. And every thing is itemized. Even a small 1K text message shows up. Some bills are so large they had to be sent in boxes. The size of the bills have enraged some customers, and not just because of their cost. Paper producing trees take years to grow and if this trend continues, Americans may be forced to limiting toilet paper use to one square per visit.

AT&T doesn’t want to cause a national inconvenience in paper consumption, so yesterday the telecommunications company sent text messages to iPhone users that itemized bills will only be sent upon request. There is a charge of $1.99 for each itemized paper bill mailed out in the future. As of September 28, all of AT&T’s new wireless customers will be sent a summary bill. Any current subscriber who makes a change to an existing account will also receive a summary bill. This is good news to trees around the world.

Places like YouTube have posted some funny videos on the subject. The one posted below has had over three million hits. Now AT&T has a Website you can go to for billing information. This fiasco is a lesson to all: the new information business requires new thinking.

YouTube: Justine’s Phone Bill