Sony Comments on Low PS3 Sales, Laughs a Little, Cries a Little

Matt Richtel wrote a quick piece on Sony’s crowing — then cowering — this week as the NPD sales numbers placed the PS3 far below 360 and Wii.

Dave Karraker, the Sony spokesman who predicted the PS3 would overtake the 360, told me that: (1) He was only wrong by a bit, and (2) NPD doesn’t provide an exact count but estimates some portions of the market and (3) No, he would not care to make a prediction about August’s sales figures.

As we keep saying, the software will make or break the PS3 and with GoW and Bioshock bouying up the 360, it will take Metal Gear Solid 5: Lots of Girls Naked in HD to get the slow moving PS3 up to 360 numbers.

In all fairness, however, June PS3 sales were strong, about 100,000 units, and the 360 is already long in the tooth. However, they’d better get something good out before Halo 3 drops or those NPD improvement numbers are going to be in the single digits. Both companies, however, definitely didn’t see the Wii coming.

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