Kiplinger: "Yo, yo, yo, the iPhone is State of the Art, Son"

Note: Fish is not real

Kiplinger, the personal finance magazine, just dropped a red-hot review of the Apple “iPhone,” a new phone from an up-and-coming hardware company. It might be Asia-only, but they pulled a Fat Joe on this thing, saying it’s the best phone money can buy.

You’re not really going to learn anything you don’t already know in this article, but if your Uncle, the one who golfs a lot and wants to know about this whole “Applephone thing,” wants your advice on the iPhone, Kiplinger is probably the place to send him. After all “OMG LOOK IT’S GOT MULTiTOUCH WOWoWoWOWOWOWOWO!!!@1!!!” might not fly.

iPhone Worth Every Penny [Kiplinger]