BGR: BB P2 on Thxgvng?


We loooooove Black Friday. It’s our favorite day of the year. It’s that day after Thanksgiving in the USA when the holiday shopping stuff really ramps up. It’s the day of the amazing door-buster specials and long lines and mall corndogs and tired, cranky sales clerks and cheap HDTVs and Jagermeister. It’s also the day, from what BGR hears, that Crackberry addicts can first get their worn-out fingers on Sprint’s Blackberry Pearl 2.

But I know what you’re thinking, crackheads. You just got your Pearl, so do you wait? Do you sell it? Do you whore out your daughter? Again?

Way to go. You need help, and help is available. But wait till after the holiday, Aunt Diane’s bringing that pickled egg thing you love.

Sprint BlackBerry Pearl 2 to launch Thanksgiving Day weekend? [Boy Genius]