Nokia to Offer Windows Live on Symbian Phones


It will be a cold day in hell when Nokia teams up with Microsoft to offer Activesync support and Windows Live services… oh, wait.

Yep, that’s right. Big Lutefisk is teaming up with Big Bill to offer Symbian/Nokia fans a little taste of Windows Mobile. The new software will enable Hotmail and MSN Messenger access along with some ActiveSync. How can you know if your handset is ready for the MS treatment? Type in ‘*#0000#’ and look for a version number at or above 3.0638.0.01. Oh, and move to Europe, because the service isn’t available in the U.S. yet. Feh.

For those who really want the software, there’s the definite possibility that someone in Europe might hack the install file and make it available on some sort of electronic bulletin board system, but that’s pure conjecture and would not be condoned by our organization.

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