Technolust, You Done Me Wrong: Palm Foleo Delayed


As probably the only person on this planet that’s been anxiously waiting for August 22nd, 2007 — the Palm Foleo’s supposed release date — the news has hit me like a ton of low-down, dirty, awful, smelly, rotten, jerky bricks. Looks like I’m not getting my Foleo anytime soon. Good thing I just sold my MacBook. According to numerous reports floating around the internet, Palm’s having problems getting the device to connect to it’s own Treo smartphones. Come on, man. When did you guys find this out? Get it together. This is bush league.

It’s been a while since I’ve had to “patiently wait” for gadgets to be released. I normally don’t get too excited about new products any more but this past year’s been somewhat of an anomaly. I had to wait to get a Wii, I’m waiting on Slacker’s portable music player, and now I’ve got to wait some more for the Foleo. The problem is that each of these devices perfectly met or will perfectly meet my needs and they’re each different enough from everything else on the market that there are no suitable alternatives to tide me over.

I longed for an easy to use, innovative gaming system that put more of an emphasis on playing with other people (in real life) than graphics. Boom, the Wii. I love the idea of having new music streamed directly to a portable device and then telling that device that I love a certain song or to never play it ever again. Boom, Slacker’s portable player. All I want is a simple light, inexpensive instant-on laptop with killer battery life, a big screen and keyboard for surfing the web and writing, and multiple connection options. Boom, the Foleo.

Device makers, I appeal to your sensibilities. Set a hard and fast date in the future to release your new products and release them on that date or, better yet, look like champions and release the product early. If Palm had set the Foleo’s release date for December 1st, 2007 and released it today I would have named my first kid Trip Hawkins Aamoth. Instead, I’m just ranting like a big fat baby.

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