Spooks Get Their Own MySpace

dni.jpgThe American Intelligence community has joined the social networking phenomenon with the launch of A-Space, a MySpace style social network.

The move is said to be part of the ongoing effort to transform the American Intelligence community following the failure to detect the 9/11 terrorist attacks or find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

In a FT.com report, Thomas Fingar, the Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Analysis said that A-Space would be “MySpace for analysts” that will break down firewalls across the “traditionally stove-piped intelligence community.”

A-Space will initially be voluntary “to assuage worries of spies concerned about blowing their cover.” The service will be equipped with web-based email and software that recommends areas of interest to the user “just like Amazon suggests books to its customers.” The site will also allow users to create and modify documents and determine user privileges

The US Director of National Intelligence will open the site to the entire intelligence community in December.