iPhone in Europe in Time for Förder Chröstmas-tide

scalediphone.jpgThe Financial Times is reporting that the iPhone will be available in Germany, France and the UK under T-Mobile, Orange, and O2, respectively. This odd move — choosing to go with three different operators — is an example of the oddly fractured nature of European cell providers.

The announcements should be made at the IFA Trade Fair in Berlin at the end of this month and all of the operators declined to comment.

he contract, which was signed by three European mobile operators in recent days, requires that the operators hand over to Apple 10 per cent of the revenues made from calls and data transfers by customers over iPhones.

The Euro launch should happen in the fall, followed by more European countries and finally Asia. No pricing, but expect it to be on par with current iPhone prices and without carrier subsidies.

Apple secures Europe iPhone revenue deals [FT]