CrunchExclusive: HTC Juno Hitting AT&T


We here at the Gear have many secrets we don’t always divulge to you, dear readers, but once in a while we like to let a few things leak. This happens to be one of them and we’re sure you’ll like it. We have it from an inside source that HTC is bringing out a mid-level smart phone that’s sort of a GSM variant of the CDMA Fusion aka Libra. Details are scant and our source only had a few seconds to leak us info before the dogs were unleashed on he/she/it. We hope he/she/it survived. Want more?

The Juno is set to launch after the Tilt and Moto’s Q9h. Its form factor is much like the Libra you see above with a T9 keyboard on the front and slide-out QWERTY like many other HTC devices. It will include a 2-megapixel camera with flash, microSD slot and QVGA screen. And it will be 3G! We’ll check on our source and make sure he/she/it wasn’t caught and tortured like Bond was in Casino Royale, which is painful for anyone. Ouch.