Battle Royale: Format War Heats Up


The Blu-ray camp was obviously not going to sit idle while the HD DVD side was given a boost yesterday from Paramount and Dreamworks. Fox and MGM have announced their comebacks into the HD realm with 29 titles for Sony’s HD format. Blu-ray also has new features that are sure to kick major ass.

Among the BD industry ‘firsts’ from the Studios’ upcoming global release slate are picture in picture capability, enhanced viewing and surround sound modes with the ability to mix and match picture and sound, direct access to in-movie features through one of the four colored buttons on the BD remote and the most technically vibrant BD-Java interactive multi-player challenge and trivia games to date. The Studios’ slate also takes full advantage of BD-Live functionality this fourth quarter. Internet-connected consumers will enjoy unique, title specific “web-enabled” interactive features and games and “web-exclusive” downloadable content with the ability to connect and interact with other broadband BD users worldwide.

Title N.A. Release Int. Release
Master & Commander Oct. 2 Oct.
The Day After Tomorrow Oct. 2 Nov.
From Hell Oct. 9 Oct.
The Fly (1986) Oct. 9 Q1 08
Edward Scissorhands Oct. 9 Nov.
28 Days Later Oct. 9 North America Only
Robocop (MGM) Oct. 9 Dec.
Amityville Horror (1979) (MGM) Oct. 9 North America Only
Battle Of Britain (MGM) Nov. 6 Q1 08
A Bridge Too Far (MGM) Nov. 6 Q1 08
I, Robot Nov. 13 Q1 08
Die Hard Nov. Nov.
Die Hard 2: Die Harder Nov. Nov.
Die Hard With A Vengeance Nov. Nov.
Red Dawn (MGM) Nov. Q1 08
Mr. And Mrs. Smith Dec. 4 Dec.
Independence Day Dec. 4 Dec.
Cast Away Dec. 4 North America Only
Ronin (MGM) Dec. 4 Dec.

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