Exclusive: CrunchGear Sneaks a Hands-On with Motorola Q9h

0817070001.jpgYours truly likes Seattle. There are many, many people running around our assorted bars with many, many gadgets that are rumored or upcoming or even ones we think don’t actually exist. This weekend afforded me the chance to play with one such gadget, the Motorola Q9 variant due for AT&T.

It’s not much different than the ones we know about, including the full QWERTY keypad, fairly slim form factor, Windows Mobile 6, and a 2-Megapixel camera with flash. What I did learn, and like, about the phone is that it will feature GPS with mapping.

The unit I handled used an AT&T home-brew of Google Maps, working much like the Helio line-up of phones. The person, who asked politely not to be identified, noted that it wasn’t likely to ship with Google Maps and that it was for testing, AT&T has their own mapping thing going on. With a bit of prying, he also mentioned that it will be replacing the Samsung Blackjack in AT&T’s stable, which makes sense, as having both phones would be overkill. It took a shot of Jagermeister to get that information, so I hope you all like it.

He said that the phone will hit stores in the next “couple of weeks”, and that pricing would be in-line with where the Blackjack is now, minus discounts. Our guess is that means it’ll be a mere $200 at launch, with 2-year contract. Not the most competitive price out there, but it’s a highly anticipated phone, so some of you suckers will pay it.