Cloudprint: When 50 Internet Cafes in Goa Aren't Enough


HP has unveiled a new printing technology, called CloudPrint, that allows you to upload documents to HP’s servers in PDF format and then print them anywhere in the world. You send the file through the free service and receive an SMS with a “pick-up” code. You can then go to any Cloudprint printer — HP provides a handy map — and type in the code to print your document.

This seems a little silly and overwrought to me. A number of technologies — the keyboard, the web browser, and the $2/hour cyber cafe — makes the concept irrelevant. While I can see the value of “printing” a document on your mobile browser to a distant printer, is this really the way to do it? It currently doesn’t even support mobile devices and the “I have to really print this now” market probably consists of two or three uptight business travelers. Your thoughts?

HP invents printing for your mobile []