Total Photoshop Killer: Pixelmator!

Something different than the standard Photoshop layout! Crazy!

On one of the underground torrent sites I visit daily, I came across a new Mac App that had been downloaded a bunch of times. It’s called Pixelmator and it’s an upcoming competitor that’s going to blow Adobe Photoshop out of the water. Right now it’s in closed beta, so this leaked version is still experimental.

It does have features similar to Photoshop, along with some cool OS X-related ones. You can use your iSight to take a picture and insert it automatically on to your canvas. There’s a very friendly UI that isn’t cluttered, very refreshing. Also, Pixelmator is very lightweight. Around 34MB compressed and only 65MB when installed. Started up quicker than any other app on my run-down iMac G5. I highly suggest scouring torrent sites trying to find the .dmg file.

Official Site