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TechStars Demo Day – Class of 2007

Guess what time it is? If you said “It’s time for Teh Be$t Kommenter Evar!”, you’re absolutely correct. If you said “It’s time for Doug to eat an entire bag of Old Dutch Caramel Puffcorn!”, you are incorrect. You JUST missed it.

Matt comes out swinging with a nostalgic trip down some sort of lane. He thinks a certain Castlevania action figure resembles everyone’s favorite androgynous crooner…

“It’s me, 1986 David Bowie from the movie Labyrinth.”

Speaking of androgynous, our own Matt Hickey’s got the nicest, most delicate hands on the block. Just check out the recent Helio Fin unboxing that he did. Ryan Red took notice and said…

“Yeah Matt the phone doesn’t look that cool. Your fingernails, however, are quite nicely groomed.”

Finally, Tony E shares some truthiness about the cold, shallow life of the doodad-obsessed…

“Being part of the 1% of humanity that knows the latest in gadgets can be a lonely place sometimes.”

Sometimes? Sometimes?!! Actually, that’s about right. Sometimes, not always.

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