TechCrunch Reader Polls

A little while ago, Fred Wilson over at A VC posted a reader poll in which he asked his readers to identify themselves by their occupation. We thought this was a cool idea so we’ve decided to run our own polls below.

We have provided an occupation poll that is a near facsimile of Wilson’s. Further down, we have placed a couple of polls that address other topics.

Thanks for taking a few seconds to fill these out – the results should be interesting!

Which of the following labels best describes your occupation?

Total Votes: 4905
Started: August 17, 2007

How often do you read TechCrunch?

Total Votes: 4338
Started: August 17, 2007

Do you smile or grumble when TechCrunch covers Facebook news?

Total Votes: 4046
Started: August 17, 2007