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pacificdesign.jpgIf the glow of your iPhone is starting to wear off, it’s time to accessorize. “Project Runway” season two winner Chloe Dao teamed up with Pacific Design to create designer cases for the iPhone, a few Motorola handsets like the RAZR, and some generic bags. The designs are basic, but the fabrics are bold and eye-catching. The line also includes iPod cases, laptop bags, and other accessories.

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    Very interesting

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    […] The Static Document Model Is Dying – RIP .doc, .xls, and .ppt (techcrunchit.com) […]

  • http://www.echosign.com Jason M. Lemkin

    Great post. I wonder if the floppy/AOL example is the spot on one, or perhaps it’s more what’s happening to PDF in the days of the web, where the format gets pushed more and more to an archiving vehicle rather than an editing and authoring format. Ultimately docs need to be portable across web apps if nothing else so .xls, .ppt, .doc will be needed (even the x variants I guess) but perhaps only as resting and archive points. Their days as collaboration formats if nothing else are clearly on the wane.

  • http://www.screensleuth.com Screen Sleuth

    Static *anything* is dying (why newspapers and magazines are dying), and it’s only a matter of time before dynamic mediums and devices rule the roost, so to speak.

  • mikx

    I recommend taking the next internship outside of an internet startup. Maybe in middle-management for a manufacturing company or in computer first-level support for sales people.

    You would be surprised how many people call the browser/internet “the blue e” (it’s what is on their desktop) and how many users are still puzzled by the concept of folders (on their local drive).

    Office documents as email attachements or on a network share are the spinal core of many corporate communication pipelines. And that won’t change anytime soon. Not because of technology – just because it takes years to change the behaviour of millions of users having something else to do.

    • http://www.jeffwidman.com/ Jeff Widman

      My last internship was an aerospace manufacturing company–sooo frustrating!

      Friendly people with a decent work ethic, but horrible change ethic.

  • http://blog.unison.com Rurik Bradbury

    There are two small hitches:

    First, Zoho/Google Docs etc are all crappy in comparison with Office 2007. They have so much catch-up to do that it will be 5 years at least before any dent is felt.

    Second, apart from a poor user experience, the IT department will not accept these solutions for several reasons: directory integration; security; data ownership and privacy; app integration; plus a few others.

    TechCrunch has lots of interesting thoughts but they are too detached from the mechanics of how IT is actually deployed and used — so they end up sounding naive.

  • http://ibm.e-office.com Pim

    Great post! It was like reading an article I could have written.

    @Rurik. Crappy? Clear you mean. It does exactly what it should do.
    And IT should listen to what their users want instead of deciding for them.

  • http://blog.pbwiki.com/2009/03/13/pbwiki-in-the-news-week-of-392009/ PBwiki in the news: Week of 3/9/2009 - The Daily Peanut

    […] The Static Document Model Is Dying–RIP .doc, .xls, and .ppt (TechCrunchIT, 3/9/2009) […]

  • Dan

    @Pim – IT should listen to what their users want, but should also listen to what their lawyers want. I know that many of the documents that I read at work don’t ever go past the firewall, and bringing one out would be grounds for a lawsuit. And I’m not even in a field like law or medicine with legal confidentiality requirements.

    Online docs, if they want to make inroads into Enterprise contexts, need to learn to play nice with the rest of the infrastructure used by companies of that size. Right now they don’t – which is fine if you’re a small company of 20 guys who are all early-adopters, but not if you’re a company of 5000 employees with well-established and standardized procedures, and a large variance of interest in new technology.

    @Rurik – right on, brother. TC’s model of how an office works seems to be 37Signals, which is nice in theory, but not how any large well-established company works.

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    […] traveling through the Network; and the page is no longer just hypertext, but hypermedia. Even the static document is giving way to the dynamic textual environment of wikis, blogs and other modes of version-based […]

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