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iplay1.jpgThe combo I-play and IPA World Pool Championship have knocked in a crisp bank shot with, World Pool Championship 2007. Big name pool sharks like Phil Harrison, Neil Raybone and Chris Melling are featured in this latest mobile phone game. Developed by, Blade Interactive, this game will have you practicing your ball-racking skills while remaining on the go.

David Gosen, CEO, I-play commented: “The official IPA World Pool Championship license has huge resonance amongst fans around the world. This, together with the most visually stunning and authentic Pool Championship experience on mobile, featuring top tournament players and the actual tournament structure, is a winning formula for pool players.”

David is right when he says, “around the world.” I-play offers entertainment to over a billion people over a network that has 120 carriers plus. More than 12 languages are accommodated for, giving World Championship Pool 2007 a planetary audience.


  • http://www.genwi.com KP

    Pretty sure this is the promised land… when it comes down to ‘monetization.’

  • http://dnewtech.blogspot.com shankar

    interested on spelling mistake u have made on third line “fpr”. i don’t expect this on this website

    • Steve Gillmor

      fixed. thx.

    • http://techfilipino.com Francis Simisim

      Give the man a break, he’s covering a great story and all you can see is a small typing mistake.

      Thanks Steve for the great insight, this will surely make a big impact online. I wonder who’ll comeout as he victor Facebook or Twitter?

      As for Friendfeed, it will be tough on them as Facebook will definitely be looking at internalizing a lot of features that they have, and eventually might have to cut them off (as a competitor). Goodluck to them.


  • http://www.faqpal.com Pliggs

    Excellent post, I was all ready to write a great comment and then I read shankar’s comment and it killed my mood.

    I hope I didn’t make a spelling mistake in this comment because shankar wouldn’t let me hear the end of it.

    By the way, the author is human and can make a mistake from time to time.

    @shankar, learn to speak in readable english and without using “u” instead of YOU before you criticize, you are simply cluttering this fine blog with your worthless junk.

    That’s my rant.

  • http://bluelizard.com/ Blue Lizard

    I agree with KP- this definitely has “money” written all over it..

  • Brian Sherwin @ Myartspace Blog

    Typos happen.

  • http://www.myartspace.com/blog Brian Sherwin @ Myartspace Blog


  • http://www.aigcmiddleast.com aigc

    well i think it’s great to invest in as soon as possible for whom still have extra money

  • http://xploretech.blogspot.com Abhishek

    Its pretty clear that ONE of them will get down to do it for sure. It just remains to be seen who does it first. I guess friendfeed will drown, while facebook and twitter will strike a mutual deal of interoperability of some kind. Not sure though, but that would be the best solution for users like us.

  • http://blog.feedly.com Edwin Khodabakchian

    Steve. You mention “What emerges is a new magazine model, where aggregators provide efficiency and editors context for the combination of static and dynamic information flows.” This is very similar to what feedly is trying to achieve. Have you ever had the chance to play with Feedly? Do you think it could fit the model you are describing? Would love to get your feedback (on or offline)

  • http://gadgets.ihouse.sg/2009/03/06/%e7%9b%b4%e5%b1%9e%e6%96%87%e6%91%98/ 工具及科技新闻 » Blog Archive » 直属文摘

    […] 直属文摘 feedersNow的脸谱已经 跳进流活动,花多长时间才能将主要平台厂商在这样做?谷歌似乎出奇安静除了少数收回意见施密特关于Twitter的是一个可怜的人的电子邮件。谈到穷人的 电子邮件(不,我们所有这些天)微软已经采取块的债券参与其按需兑换在线产品。但到目前为止,还没有直接攻击Twitter的等。 techcrunch […]

  • http://www.twitter.com/kriscobbaert k

    OT: Steve, I’m listening to Eric Schmidt’s interview with Charlie Rose and he mentions micropayments.
    I wouldn’t mind knowing what’s your take on this and who the players are.
    I also would like to hear your take on Facebook’s photo archive. What will it take before that data’s being used in a retail environment or on trade shows so they know who I am. Privacy is a big issue here, what other problems do they have to overcome and what’s holding them back? Thanks.

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