Idea: Big League PC Makers Thinking of Going Steampunk?

steampunk.jpgWe like Steampunk. For those not familiar with the term, it’s the name given to a modding movement that aims to recapture the warmth and style of the H.G. Wells and Jules Verne era, but with modern electronics. Computers and cellphones and other personal gadgets have all been modded with wood and iron and gears and valves to attain a Victorian-era look, while retaining all of their usefulness.

That affection for fake antiques might be big business for computer manufacturers, according to a straw poll by Sneaky Business. Off the record, PC industry executives see “retro” computing as a potential market, and rightly so: Steampunk is popular, and the success of Apple’s personal computers shows that since everyone’s going to have a computer, they’re going to also want it to look good. We’re for that.

Don’t expect to rush out and get a gaslight Dell quite yet, it’s still in the incubatory stages. But even as a concept, it’s interesting. Look for at least niche manufacturers for Xmas this year, and if it’s popular, for the big boys to follow suit soon.

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