Diet Television Trims Name, Takes $2 Million

diettvlogo.pngLater this week, weight loss community Diet Television will announce it’s shortened its name to and raised a $2 million series A. The round was led by MentorTech Ventures.

The site consists of dieting resources and a social network. Their resources include a diet directory, videos, and articles. The diet directory consists of all sorts of diets rated by users and analyzed by professional nutritionists for various factors like ease of implementation, speed of weight loss and allowable alcohol consumption.

You can use their diet and exercise finder to construct the right weight loss program for yourself. Just tell the program what you’re willing to give up and it spits back the best plans to lose weight.

There is an accompanying social network where users can connect with other dieters, share goals and diets. Each user writes down their experiences and tracks their progress in a diet diary. A network seems useful because in an industry full of snake oil salesmen, you’d be more likely to trust a fellow dieter.

DietTv is part of the growing number of social health sites online which include: Wellsphere, Trianeo, DailyStrength, OurHealthCircle, RevolutionHealth, and many others. The formula is pretty straight forward: find people with a common problem and link them together for support.