Pligg, The Open Source Digg Clone, Put Up For Sale

Pligg, a controversial but popular open source content management system that lets developers quickly create Digg-like clones, has put itself up for sale.

Assets included in the sale are the domain name, website and control over the SourceForge account where people can download the current code.

In an email, Pligg says they have 10,000 registered users on the site and the software has been downloaded 60,000 times.

The Pligg community has grown larger than ever expected, with over 10,000 registered users sharing and trading tips, more than 60,000 Sourceforge downloads and 2 IRC rooms that are active 24/7. It’s become an extremely large project and community to manage. We all have day jobs and struggle to find enough time to keep up the pace. We’ve seen many online businesses develop products to support Pligg recently. Selling everything from custom templates and modules, to support and installation. This is a clear example that with the proper team in place, could easily dominate the other markets in this area. Pligg has even created a shop where users could purchase modules, templates and services. This feature hasn’t yet been launched though.