MyLiveSearch Misses Launch Date, But The New Logo Is Top Notch

Some of you may remember our ridicule of the unlaunched Australian search engine MyLiveSearch back in May after a glowing but research-free Australian newspaper article about them. Being unlaunched is fine, but suggesting that Google is worried about them is a little over the top to say the least.

Dubbing itself the “world’s first live search engine” it promises to show us the 4/5 of the web that Google doesn’t index – this includes the grey web of dynamically created web pages as well as real time indexing of more traditional pages. Their sub tagline: “Searching the internet will never be the same!”

The company promised to debut the service in June. They missed that deadline and still haven’t launched. And frankly I probably never would have written about them again except that they’ve started emailing us again for coverage. They won’t tell us anything about the service, apart from the hyperbole. No demo’s or screen shots either.

But there is a bit of good news. They’ve ditched the old logo and have come up with something much more webtwoohified. Stay tuned. They promise to announce the (new) launch date shortly.