Mobile Game Goes Massively Multiplayer

cellufun.jpgFighting a war in deep space is challenging enough without having a lot of competition. But sometimes a little – or in this case a lot – of competition can really make for a more engaging experience. That’s the hope with Space Wars, a new ad-supported massively multiplayer mobile game from Cellufun. This free mobile Internet game lets players battle for control of the galaxy, and compete against up to 120 other players.

“The Space Wars experience is far-reaching and long-lasting because it offers interactive features not normally seen in multiplayer battles,” says Cellufun CEO Arthur Goikhman. “We’ve seen our beta testers take unprecedented and creative approaches to the game, such as launching coordinated attacks in waves.”

The goal is to build an empire, while keeping your populace happy. Space Wars lets players forge alliances using “subspace” chat with other gamers, schedule future activities when not playing in real time.

The game is one of the first ad-supported MMMG, and is compatible with virtually all handsets. Let the universal domination begin.

Cellufun WAP