Artificial Life Launches 3G Poker Game, Signs Deal with Pocketnet

Hong Kong based Artificial Life, a provider of mobile 3G games and applications, announced that it is all in. The company will release its first 3G Texas Hold’em poker gamer in the fourth quarter of this year, and will support most of the recent 3G handsets as well as many 2.5G mobile handsets. The 3G version will support single player and multi-player versions, where players can compete against others through a server connection or alternatively with those in close proximity using Bluetooth. With the online mode through the server we have to ask how do you find the “tell” on someone you can’t see?

Additionally Artificial Life has signed a deal with Pocketnet Technology, an aggregator in Taiwan, to distribute mobile games. Through this cooperation, Pocketnet’s Joybox WAP site that is currently embedded in various Nokia handsets will now feature Artificial Life’s latest mobile titles.

Artificial Life