TuneCast 3 FM Transmitter Looks Hella Nicer Than TuneCast II


Belkin continues to move ahead with its TuneCast line of FM transmitters for DAPs. The TuneCast 3 shares much, if not all, of its features with the TuneCast II: broadcast to any unused FM station, auto power save, compatible with all iPods and other DAPs, etc. Obviously they look different and I’d have to say that the TuneCast 3 looks much better, especially the display. It’s more readable, even more so in low light situations.

In my experience with these FM transmitters, you really need to be in a remote area if you want it to work as advertised. Try using these in radio-heavy places like New York and Los Angeles and you’ll be putting up with more static than you’d care to.

Product Page [Belkin via Electronista]