Creative Zen WAV Spotted, Available: Built-in Speakers Now In Vogue


Creative’s Zen WAV is slowly making its way into stores, and can already be found on Wal-Mart’s well-designed Web site. The WAV is Creative’s first DAP to include built-in speakers, sure to be useful to a few of you. (Those guys who perform on the subway platforms, for example.) Its $80-for-2GB and $100-for-4GB price is more than reasonable, but that it shares so much in the way of features with the ho-hum Zen V Plus, it might be skippable.

It’s not the only DAP with speakers on the market—the Samsung K5 immediately comes to mind—so you’ll have to think long and hard if you’re to throw your money Creative’s way. I’m all about headphones, so I’m a little weary of letting people know where my questionable music tastes lie.

Zen WAV [Wal-Mart via Anything But iPod]