Virgin Mobile Upside Down?

virginusd.jpgWhat goes up must come down, and when you’re a billionaire known for high flying – including high flying in hot air balloons you better be use to falling. But that doesn’t explain so easily why Virgin Mobile, once the darling of MVNOs, has fallen from grace. More so Virgin Mobile’s fall comes after being acquired NTL:Telewest? According to The Independent this was where things went terribly wrong, and now it could endanger Richard Branson’s entire Virgin brand.

But it could also be Sir Richard who has the last laugh. He’s used the Virgin moniker since the 1970s for his record label (long since sold to EMI), cola drinks and even an airline. Last year when he sold Virgin Mobile to NTL: Telewest for nearly £1 billion he generated the largest return on his investment. So he should be all smiles… and would be except for that on going spat with Sky TV, and troubles with Virgin Trains and Virgin Atlantic. Hey Richard, maybe it’s time to lose the virginity already!

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