Sony BMG's First iPod Game: Musika


Hah, every time Sony releases something iPod-related it reminds that it really dropped the ball as it relates to digital music. Today’s “poor Sony” moment comes to us in the form of an iPod visualizier/game called Musika, the first such app from Sony BMG for the iPod. Designed by the same guy who brought us PaRappa The Rapper, Musika is part visualizer. part game. I have no idea how it works, but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt, seeing as though PaRappa was a genuinely fun game not too long ago. If you can part with $5, then you check it out. And if it’s even a tenth as fun as something like Lumines (…and shinin’ shinin’ …), I just might.

Though as a smart aleck iLounge reader points out, be on the lookout for rootkits.

Musika (iTunes link) [Sony BMG via iLounge]