The Fuzzwich Cartoon Maker

fuzzwichlogo.pngFuzzwich is a dead simple application for creating and publishing animated shorts. The animation editor comes pre-populated with a random selection of music, background, and cartoon characters. However, you can easily change them to any of their other 42 characters, 15 songs, or 14 backdrops. The content library will be changing over time, and they plan on adding a character editor soon.

After you have the basic layout, you can animate and resize the sprites in real time by just dragging and dropping them around the scene. The player records you movements as the clip runs. Some characters and scenes come with animations (moving arms or mouths), and speech bubbles can also be adrded. After publishing it can easily be embedded or linked to on another site. I made one myself in 5 minutes and I’m completely addicted. I’m a big fan of these hypnotic pandas.

One serious limitation of the service is that users cannot upload their own images or sound files and include them in cartoons. They do, however, plan on letting people to upload their faces on the cartoons. They also have a more feature rich animation studio in the works, but have initially focused on this simpler editor since it’s accessible to a wider audience.

We’ve covered two other startups, Aniboom and MyToons, that are aiming to be the “YouTube” of online cartoons. Fuzzwich competes with Aniboom’s application and MyToons somewhat, but it is also different. Fuzzwich provides a simple way to create cartoons hosted on the site. Aniboom has an animator called Shapeshifter, which is like a Paintshop pro for animation. MyToons do not offer cartoon creation tools.

Fuzzwich is a Y Combinator company.