NoFoodHere: Search Results In Real Time

nfh.jpgNoFoodHere is a search engine that enables users to search the web with “the flexibility of tabbed searching and results that stream down the page in real-time.”

NoFoodHere is not trying to refine the search results (the site is currently pulling Yahoo results with a move to Google being considered) but is trying to change the way a user interfaces with a search engine.

The tab browsing allows users to run multiple search queries concurrently in the same browser window; not an earth shattering feature but some what handy. Where NoFoodHere gets interesting is with the results themselves. The whole concept of clicking through page after page of search results is gone with NoFoodHere. The site automatically loads a long list of search results to start with, then as a user scrolls down the page more results are loaded in real-time. In effect, you could end up with thousands, or even more results on the one page, all without the need to click a page. It’s a feature that works very well; in testing I found it more reliable than Google Reader when it came to showing additional results as I moved down the page.

NoFoodHere comes from Frankston (Vic), Australia based Jordan Bayliss-McCulloch, a third-year Engineering student at the University of Melbourne.