First Live Mobile Generated Artwork Collective Launched

cellfish.jpgImagine cellular phones serving as a digital canvas. That was how last week’s event in New York City has been described., an online mobile entertainment portal, conducted the first mobile generated live group blog in partnership with Betty K Mix Studio, a fusion painting workship, which gathered 24 painters from all over the world.’s Fusion Art channel provided users with live access to the workshop, which was accessible from a PC as well as mobile handsets.

“Using Cellfish in the workshop was a brilliant experience” says artist Franck de Las Mercedes. “It allowed me to share this wonderful experience with friends and the world; but it also allowed me to witness my own painting process day by day and allowed others to see an artist in the act of creating a work of art.”

During the event artists were able to take thousands of pictures and uploaded them to the live channel. This was believed to have been the first of its kind event, and the largest use of mobile phones in as part of an art exhibit.’s Fusion Art channel