Timex Ironman iControl Watch: Wirelessly Control Your iPod


I feel icky writing about the Timex Ironman iControl. Not because it strikes me as “lame” or “dumb”—the watch wireless controls your iPod or iPhone, letting you select, pause, rewind etc. music—but because my favorite watch review Web site hasn’t looked at it yet.

Aside from looking like a Fisher Price toy, iControl does all the tricks that other Ironman watches do, which is to say that it’s a sports watch and not one you’d wear to a formal occasion. You can go underwater up to a depth of 328 feet (what are you, Aquaman?) and store running data, like laps ran and average running time.

It’s your standard sports watch, but one that will control your tunes while running. Neat, theoretically, but definitely one of those things that you’d need for a little while before casting judgment on it.

Timex launches wireless iPod/iPhone control watch [MacNN]