Wired: Why Cell Phones Are Bad

wiredpicture.jpgCell phones are loved by millions, and probably hated by just as many. This reporter is in the first group. I love my cell phone probably more than any electronic device after my TV. Being able to always be in touch… love it! Being able to chat with people while I’m walking back to the office from a meeting… what could be better?

But some people don’t feel the same way. Rob over at Wired Blogs offers 10 reasons why he thinks you should throw away your phone. He makes a few good points. Yeah, the iPhone is all hype and idiots shouldn’t drive and talk on their phone (I feel the same way about people who ride their bikes in Central Park while talking on the phone… not that I’d do such a thing ever), but I can’t agree with Rob. I’d rather throw away my MP3 player, digital camera and microwave before giving up my mobile phone!

Ten Reasons To Throw Away Your Cellphone [Wired Blog Network]