AdME Let’s You Become a GuitarStar

Music-based games are all the rage on the latest video game consoles, and now they’re about to invade the mobile gaming platform. AdME, a provider of music-driven entertainment products, announced the release of GuitarStar, a next-generation mobile game for the AT&T Wireless network. The game uses “beat-matching” technology that transforms a mobile handset into a virtual guitar, where users must synchronize visual movements with the beat of an underlying musical soundtrack. GuitarStar lets players live out their rock star dreams on the go.

“Rather than taking their cues solely from what they see, mobile players can use the beat’s groove to guide their play the way console players do with Guitar Hero, or arcade players with Dance Dance Revolution,” explains Peter Eggleston, CEO of AdME.

This is the first product from AdME’s mdME (music-driven Mobile Entertainment) product suite, a project that has been in development for the past two years. Additional titles are in the works, including DanceLord, which will allow players to control animatronic characters that can be choreographed using the cellular keyboard. DanceLord is expected to arrive in the next year.